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Słupsk and Ustka, a day by the Baltic Coast

While in Northern Poland, why would you visit Słupsk and Ustka ? (Apart from testing your pronunciation, of course). A: because going off the beaten path is part of real travel. B: because great people are everywhere, as Luna and Achilleas experienced once again.

Słupsk is more than a pretty little town near the Baltic coast. It is also an open, forward-looking place, and it has an incredible mayor who turned out to be a fan of the Road Trip Project! Robert Biedroń impressed Luna and Achilleas with his positive energy.

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As the first openly gay mayor – and Member of the Parliament from 2011 to 2014 – he is proudly fighting for inclusiveness and progress in his country. He is also convinced that it is important to show the people what the European Union does for them. 

No sooner said than done: he took our travellers to a green area by the river and to see buildings meant to house social and artistic activities. The town has been transformed by an EU-funded project called “Breaking barriers, connecting generations”. Achilleas and Luna had seen some pictures taken before the project and they could appreciate the impressive change.

Before leaving Slupsk, they also talked about travelling, especially cycling, one of Robert Biedron’s passions. They got precious tips on possible routes in the area, so off they went cycling around the nearby town of Ustka, one of Poland’s best summer resorts. Along the EuroVelo Route 10 they spotted beautiful beaches and coastal scenery! The bit they explored also forms part of the Iron Curtain Trail. 


Another very special thing about Ustka is the Mistral candy factory, created by a local fisherman who wanted to supplement his income a bit. But what do fish and candy have in common? He decided to create something new with his knowledge of fish and fishing and he came up with sweets with Omega 3 fatty acids! With some help from the EU, he set up the factory where these sweets are made by hand, and a stylish café (run by his wife) where they are sold.

Luna and Achilleas were super happy with the candy and bought quantities to take home. So healthy!

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