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PiNa, NGO in Koper, Croatia

Founded twenty years ago in the port city of Koper – or Capodistria in Italian: the city is officially bilingual! – PiNA was originally acting to make the internet accessible for all and opened the very first cyber café in Slovenia in 1998!

PiNA’s projects range from educational and research to cultural and artistic activities, but their common aim is to encourage an active civil society. They encourage people to think for themselves by giving them opportunities for debating common issues and to get things changed for the better. Louisa and Louis experienced one tangible result of these actions : a state-of-the-art cycling route along the coast, which came about after a PiNA led student initiative.

From its beginning, young people have played a leading role in PiNA. Perhaps their most important legacy was to help create institutions that represent young people in Slovenia’s coastal municipalities.

PiNA is also accredited to run European volunteering activities under the European Solidarity Corps, an EU programme which empowers people aged 18 to 30 to volunteer or work at home or abroad. The volunteering projects last between two and twelve months and offer various opportunities to help people and communities around Europe. Volunteers can be offered for example to assist disabled people in a community centre, provide support to asylum seekers, help rebuild a school after an earthquake or work to prevent wildfires by clearing vegetation.

Volunteering abroad is a chance to help others while exploring different cultures and learning new skills for the future. Signing up is super easy, and if you’re interested, you can find out more at this link.

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