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Medsealitter, Cinque Terre, Italy

Marine pollution knows no borders, so everybody around the sea needs to combat it. That’s what
MEDSEALITTER is all about. Four Mediterranean countries are trying to find the best way to
monitor how much litter there is and how it affects key species at dedicated Marine Protected
Areas. The aim is to manage these areas better, to connect them together and to put in place
effective common solutions for protecting biodiversity.

Save the sea turtles – and us!

Most dangerous for the sea animals but ultimately also for us are plastics. Luisa and Louis could
see for themselves, even in a famous beauty spot like Cinque Terre. The plastic comes from
fishing, shipping, tourism and dumps near rivers and beaches. It floats on the surface and gets
buried deep in the seabed. Marine animals mistake it for food and sometimes die as a result. And
if they don’t, the plastic often makes it all the way to the top of the food chain, that is: into our

The European Union acts so that by 2020 marine litter should cause no harm to the coastal and
marine environment. You can find out more about MEDSEALITTER and other EU actions against
marine litter here:


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