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Mediterranean Route / Week 2

It’s been a week of borders and emotions for our travellers,  another 1200km, this time from North Macedonia to the north of Croatia through the Balkans.

Louis and Luisa spent week 2 of their adventure discovering the rich history of the region, meeting fascinating people who dedicate their time to helping others, and experiencing the beauty of the coast.

Both music lovers, they were thrilled to spend an evening with international artist and guitar player Petrit Çeku in his home town of Prizren, Kosovo. They further explored the incredible cultural melting pot that is Prizren with Veton Nurkollari, the organiser of the Dokufest film festival, which gather thousands of people every summer.

They also shared a very special day in Trebinje, Bosnia Herzegovina, with participants and social workers of the Sunny Workshops, witnessing how the rights of people with disabilities and the living conditions of their families can be improved at once. The encounter was particularly meaningful for Louis who, back home in Antwerp, is an educator for people with special needs. 

Down the road in Croatia, Louis and Luisa experienced the amazing beauty of the Island of Vis, where they met with Nebojsa on his carob farm by the sea. 

When they weren’t visiting projects and meeting locals, Louis and Luisa enjoyed spring time along the Adriatic coast – jumping from Croatia to Croatia over the tiny stretch of Bosnia Herzegovina that touches the sea, feeling blessed (not blue) in the magic blue cave of Vis, and island hopping through some of the close to 80 islands off the coast. 

Watch the adventures of Louis and Luisa in their weekly recap!

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