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Mediterranean Route / Week 1

Week 1 was a hell of a week for Louis and Luisa as they set off on the Mediterranean leg of the Road Trip Project. The duo explored Greece from the cradle of civilisation right through to the innovation of the future. They’ve travelled over 1200km, visited 6 jaw-dropping places, met up with various vloggers and influencers and crossed 8 of the 13 regions of Greece!

Logical starting point? The Acropolis of course – where they met up with Dimitris Kokkinakis, from the Impact Hub community, who offered them a little insight into entrepreneurship in today’s Greece. And a bonus awaited them on the streets of Athens: Achilles, future Road Trip traveller on the Baltic Route, surprised them with a special tour of his city’s secret spots.

Dimitra, a biologist, then guided them from the spectacular Meteora rock formation to the wild landscapes of the Bourazani wildlife park explaining a bit about the abundance of species that live in the area. Bourazani is an awesome place, not just for wildlife, but also for outdoor activities. Don’t miss Louis and Luisa go rafting and climbing, and even get a bird’s eye view from the cable bridge over the river.

From architecture and nature to food! Thessaloniki gave our travellers a literal ‘taste’ of history at the Plantcult project, which re-discovers prehistoric cuisine; more specifically examining ancient plants and finding new ways to integrate them into modern cuisine. Nothing like fresh local food to put a smile on your face!

Final stop was a little boat trip across the picturesque Prespes lake area which is the border between Greece, Albania and the Republic of Macedonia, and home to the Green Boat eco project developed jointly by the local communities .

Watch the adventures of Louis and Luisa in their weekly recap.

Missed some of these posts during the week? not to worry, you can check out their videos and posts on our web hub, and you can follow the next adventures of  the Road Trip travellers in real time on Facebook and Instagram!

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