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[email protected] – an amazing app in the making

The European Union is around you even if you can’t see it!

The [email protected] project is basically like Pokémon GO for discovering the EU: a mobile app platform for exploring through gaming how the EU is present in your very own neighbourhood.

The idea of the [email protected] app emerged during a hackathon in Hamburg early 2018. 60 participants from 12 countries (programmers, designers, entrepreneurs, marketers, etc.) were confronted with the challenge of working on how to “Take Europe to the Hearts”.

The Look@EU team

Among them, Christoph, Jakob, Sebastian and Carlos, three German guys and a Germany-based Spaniard, 2 students and 2 young professionals: the Mousquetaires of [email protected]!  They did their creative best for three days, a jury ranked the proposals in order, and [email protected] was chosen to be the best overall!

[email protected] goes beyond inventorying local projects that are funded by the European Union. The ambition is to combine fun and information, with Play & Collect functionalities (challenges, rewards and the possibility to progress), Explore & Discover (geo-located information, EU facts and stories), and News & Events.

In Hamburg, the team created a prototype in 48 hours. Now comes the time for real development. If everything goes well, the app could be available in the second half of 2019.

Stay tuned!

Along the routes of the Road Trip Project, Luna and Achilles and their fellow travellers spotted about 60 EU funded projects as part of their adventures across more than 20 countries. They got to know the people and the places behind the projects.

With [email protected] everyone may be able to chase for the EU dimension of things while exploring Europe!

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