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Gabarage: Ecologically sustainable, socially responsible AND supercool design

In the former imperial capital, Vienna, Susann found just the right outfit for a nice modern-day khaleesi look – all constructed from recycled waste materials.

Vienna has  long been a trendsetter and design hub, as can be seen in the city’s variety of architectural styles from across the centuries. 


But today, during their visit to the Gabarage upcycling factory , Kenneth and Susann discovered that Gabarage isn’t only about great design. Two more concepts come into play to make it a truly groundbreaking enterprise: ecology and inclusion.   

Upcycling is all the rage among modern interior designers. Unlike conventional recycling, which basically uses rubbish to produce new raw materials, upcycling stands for the transformation of waste materials or unwanted products into useful – and beautiful! – objects of greater value. Gabarage upcycling design combines this concept with the principles of ecological sustainability and social responsibility, proving that you can be cool and have a big heart at the same time!

One of the missions of Gabarage is to prepare disadvantaged people for re-joining the regular labour market. They do this by including in their staff people who suffer from a chronic addiction and who have completed a programme of drug therapy. An occupational training program especially developed for Gabarage trains these employees in a variety of professions

Gabarage partner Claudia warmly welcomed our travellers and showed them around all the different departments: sewing, wood/metal/plastic, fashion and jewelry. At the fashion department, Susann and Kenneth had a particularly exciting time, as they were allowed to use the clothes in stock for a catwalk fashion show!

At their shop in Schleifmühlgasse, a decidedly hip street that is home to many trendy restaurants and galleries, Susann, Kenneth and the crew, now fully in love with the design, couldn’t resist some of the items on special offer.  

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