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EXIT Music Festival

Kenneth and Susann crossed the border between Hungary and Serbia – and here it was a real border with checks, because they were leaving the EU. First stop: Novi Sad, European Youth Capital 2019.

Serbia’s second largest city after the capital Belgrade, Novi Sad has suffered much throughout history, most recently during the Kosovo War in 1999. Today, though, Novi Sad is back on its feet. It also has a strong youth movement pushing to bring their country closer to the EU, and seeing their city as “shiny bright and full of hope and opportunity”.

Hence their decision to apply to become European Youth Capital 2019. Now that they’ve succeeded, their recipe is to: 1) find hope from within; 2) work hard while pursuing happiness; and 3) sprinkle a bit of stardust on each young person in Novi Sad, and then spread this spirit around Serbia, Europe and the world!

They work with the municipality to create more opportunities for young people, which is reflected in the many festivals organised here: EXIT for cutting edge music, Cinema City, Street Musicians and other festivals, youth fairs and sports events.

Kenneth and Susann arrived in Novi Sad for the opening of the EXIT festival. Kenneth couldn’t wait to see one of its favourite group, the rap trio Migos, on stage. But they had to wait, because rapper Offset had just become a dad ! The wait was well worth it, though, according to Kenneth.

The city of Novi Sad also successfully applied for the title of European Capital of Culture for the year 2021 when, for the first time, it will be available for non EU cities in countries still in the process of applying to join the European Union. Novi Sad will share the title with EU cities Timișoara in Romania and Elefsina in Greece.

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