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Danube Route / Week 4

So Kenneth and Susann followed the flow, literally speaking, and they made it to the point where the Danube creates the Black Sea! Their one-month journey along the great river from its mysterious source in Southern Germany to its huge delta in Romania was full of adventure and new experiences. All those experiences have something to teach you, as Susann nicely put it. Watch the video and discover what our travellers got out their journey.

The last week on the road began in Serbia, at the impressive castle fortress of Golubac, standing near the widest point of the Danube. It is a major tourist attraction, and Susann’s sudden desire to leave the Road Trip crew to mingle with the tourist groups left Kenneth wondering whether he really knew her… but shortly afterwards she was back to her old self, fearlessly walking where the snakes hide.

The travellers were welcomed to Bulgaria with dance and art at the country’s biggest festival for young people, The Bridge, in Vidin – a place about building bridges and connecting people in all senses, since a new bridge over the Danube has been built to connect it with the Romanian town of Calafat. This is a big deal mainly because bridges across the majestic Danube are very few and far between.

Further downstream, in Tutrakan, Ken and Suzy learnt all about what made the people of the region famous: fishing and boat building. Preserving this heritage and keeping the activities alive is vital for the future of the place, fisherman Rumen told Kenneth.

Across the river in Romania, our travellers entered the Danube Delta, which provided for an amazing boat trip focussed on the region’s breath-taking wildlife. They got close to some pretty rare birds – and later on in the Danube Delta Museum in Tulcea, they got even closer to the most famous fish of the river which is also the most expensive animal in the world: the sturgeon, also called the Danube dinosaur. The caviar of the best known sturgeon variety, the Beluga, sells for 20.000 $ per kilo in New York, biologist Radu told them.

And then, it was suddenly already the end of the Danube Route. But what better way to celebrate crossing the finishing line than with a splash in the Black Sea!

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