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Danube Route / Week 3

Cycling, boating, partying and learning. What a week to remember!

Susann and Kenneth’s adventure in Hungary and Serbia started with a vigorous cycle trip in the summer heat, included more awesome Danube nature and some serious European partying, and it ended with inspiration about learning for the future.

They got themselves a great local guide to lead them along the beautiful Eurovelo 6 cycle route. Travel enthusiast and bodybuilder Dávid Félegyházi was having such a great time with our travellers he even managed to get them lost for a while! But nothing stops Kenneth and Susann and together they found their way back and made it to the lovely town of Szentendre, where Kenneth was given a local good luck charm as a gift.

The crew got to see what it’s like to cross actual borders when they left the EU to go to Serbia. A while waiting in the queues, a few checks at customs, and they were in and on their way to Novi Sad! They arrived in time to be interviewed on the local Radio and were lucky enough to get backstage passes to the amazing annual EXIT festival. In fact, it’s won loads of awards for best European musical festival so Kenneth and Susann were super excited to attend.

Novi Sad is a really cool city that has won European Youth Capital for 2019. Ivana,from the city’s NGO Opens2019, which is coordinating the efforts for the upcoming EYC year, explained to our travellers how this festival is one occasion to bring Europe’s young people together and highlight what they all have in common.

On their way to Belgrade, Susann and Kenneth stopped in Obrenovac, which was devastated during the floodsof the century in 2014. Speaking with people at the local school they could figure out the magnitude of the disaster and also what EU support enabled them to rebuild, and possibly prevent for the future.  helped to rebuild the city. Then in Serbia’s capital Belgrade, they visited “The Open School”, well known for its “Future Studies”, a year-long multidisciplinary programme encouraging dialogue across all disciplines. Their host Mijat told them how the School was founded in 1993 during the conflict in the Balkans mainly to provide a safe place for students . Today, the Open School in all about open minds and inspiring debates about the future, and our travellers were completely taken by the approach, which they think would be needed everywhere. Added bonus: the school happens to be in the highest building in Belgrade so while they were there, they got to see some of the best views of Belgrade!

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