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Danube Route / Week 1

New Route, new travellers, new adventures! After the excitement of finally meeting up, packing the trusty van, and identifying the source of the Danube – and of their route – Kenneth and Susann took a moment to reflect in the beautiful wetlands along the “young” river. What are their passions? What makes them tick? Different things as well as shared ones, it turned out: one shared passion (apart from travelling, obviously) is dance!

These German towns on the Danube are all so pretty, but they also house fascinating projects. After Donaueschingen, Ulm was the travellers’ next stop. Here, Die Andere Baustelle is looking after young people in serious trouble, helping them to put their lives together again. In Ulm, they also met up with one of the biggest and most knowledgeable fans of the river: Sabine, who took them up to the top of the highest church tower in the world!

Venturing outside Ulm on the recommendation of the locals when asked “What are the ‘must see’s?”, Susann and Kenneth were mightily impressed by the Blautopf. Like the source of the Danube Creek in in Donaueschingen, this is one of those mysterious sources that feeds a system of caves and tunnels of which the region has quite a few – but, good heavens, the Blautopf must be the prettiest!

Back in town, Susann and Kenneth found another source:of information on the European Union. At the local Europe Direct Information Centre they also discussed some current affairs with a group of students.

One of these current topics was migration, and at their next stop, Ingolstadt, the travellers could turn theory into practice when they met some Syrian refugees working and learning to integrate into German society at the QuartierWerkStadt. Listening to their harrowing stories of surviving and ultimately escaping from war was something very special for Susann, Kenneth and the crew.

At their last German stop, another unbelievably pretty town by the name of Neuburg-Schrobenhausen, the travellers celebrated Danube Day! And not just by partying, oh no: they had to earn that through some serious environmental action!

Next: Austria!   

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