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Baltic Route / Week 4

Can you believe it’s been 4 weeks since our travellers met Santa? Here we are now, coming to the end of an amazing adventure! The last week of our Baltic Route saw Luna and Achilleas cross Poland, and finally enter Germany and reach their final destination – Berlin!

A trip to Gdansk took them to meet the legendary Lech Wałęsa, but also allowed them an extra special city tour led by local tour guide Anna. Luna and Achilleas could see how this city had picked itself up from the complete destruction of World War II to become the vibrant and exciting place it is now. An even more scenic view of the city was provided from kayaks!

Poland is full of amazing places, including the twin towns of Słupsk and Ustka. Słupsk surprised the travellers with its awesome street art, and with a mayor whose positive energy is so catching! Having cycled part of the Iron Curtain Route recommended by Robert, they relaxed at Mistral, Ustka’s most famous café, where Adam Jakubiak and his wife Beata serve their ingenious invention: traditional and universally loved Polish “Krówki” (Fudge Cows) sweets with healthy omega 3 acids.

The travellers set off for Germany where they explored the Döberitzer Heide, a place of true wilderness just outside Berlin, guided by their expert host Matthias. They spotted bison and wild horses (after some difficulty), and Luna and Achilleas thanked him with some goodies from the trip (remember Road Trip Project Beer?). No wonder Matthias thought that “this was a really cool working day” for him!   

And so they reached Berlin. Final destination not only of the Baltic Route, but of the Road Trip overall. Berlin itself is great, but it was made all the better when our travellers were joined by none other than Luisa – our Berliner from the Mediterranean route! She took them to all her favourite places. The trio had a reason to celebrate – our travellers hit 10.000 followers on Instagram so thanks to all of you out there for that! However, that was not the only reason to celebrate as Luna and Achilleas were soon to find out…

They were taken by surprise by all the travellers from every route to celebrate the end of the Road Trips together! Do not worry, though, it is not the end of this adventure: there are more stories to come. Stay tuned and see you soon Road Trip followers!

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