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Baltic Route / Week 3

It wouldn’t be a week on the Road Trip Project without some wild animals, incredible views, new fabulous people – and maybe a familiar face? Week 3 through Lithuania and Poland definitely did not disappoint our Baltic travellers!


Despite Luna’s fear of heights, she and Achilleas kicked off their week walking in the tree-tops of Anykščiai. The smells, views and sounds of this inspiring pinewood forest provided an impressive introduction to Lithuania.

And the stunning views didn’t end there. The travellers were in good hands as they met up with their fellow traveller from the Atlantic route – Fabian! He showed them around his adopted home – Vilnius – from the heights of the Three Crosses Hill and the Gediminas Tower, which he had just got tattooed on his forearm, a true declaration of love to his host city!

Meeting with Fabian offered another opportunity to taste local food, in particular Cepelinai and fried bread, with a little dancing in the streets to help the digestion!

More surprises awaited our travellers in Lithuania. Ever tried skiing in August?  The Snow Arena in Druskininkai offers just that and a lot more. This was the perfect spot (one of a kind in the Baltic States) to combine sports and relaxation in the huge AquaPark nearby.

For their first stop in Poland Luna and Achilleas went into the wild in Wigry National Park! Sailing the lake there and spotting underwater life with their guide Maciej and his glass bottom boat was something truly special.

And talking about special: what do a maid from the 15th century, a bishop of Warmia, Luna and Achilleas have in common?? Share their unique experience at the impressive castle of Lidzbark Warmiński, when the Baltic route turned into a time travel!

A refreshing dip into the Baltic Sea at Sopot concluded this tumultuous week 3.

Still one week to go, with more awesome encounters and adventures waiting, and Berlin, final destination of the Road Trip, within sight.

You know you don’t want to miss it.

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