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Baltic Route / Week 2

After a fun-filled week in Finland, the second week brought with it also the second country on the Baltic route! Oh, and the third! This week it’s all about Estonia and Latvia!

Luna and Achilleas started their journey across the Baltic states in Estonia. A country with loads of coastline along a crowded Baltic sea, it seemed only fitting to check out Vomare, a volunteer maritime rescue project where Finns helped out their Estonian neighbours in the art of maritime rescue. Our travellers had their Baywatch moment and braved the seas of Tallinn Bay, then once back on dry land, what better than a local to show them around a new country? So how great to see our favourite Estonian Road Tripper back in the van! Yes, Suzy, from the Danube Route joined our travellers to show them some of the hidden beauty of her home country. They headed for Rummu, home to the incredible underwater prison for some swimming, and then it was off to Muhu Island to explore a unique landscape.

The Baltic states are full of incredible natural scenery, so when they got to Latvia they went to see some more of it in Gauja National Park. They met up with Marta who took them along the Ligatne Nature Trail on the hunt for local animals. Luna tried to speak bird, and Latvian!, while Achilleas tried to make it to the top of the trail in one piece! It’s a tough climb, but what an incredible view from the top!

Our travellers had already visited an abandoned prison, so why not an abandoned Soviet bunker? Well, as it happens they found one; Crazy right? Not as crazy as being 9 metres under the ground in 2000 square metres of rooms and tunnels which were supposed to protect the Russians from a nuclear war! Oskars their guide made sure they didn’t get lost and stuck down there – he even made Luna First Secretary for a while!

With all that new power the obvious next step was to address the nation. Luna and Achilleas had the pleasure of meeting Magnuss Eriņš in Latvia’s capital Riga and chatting to him live on Latvian National Radio! 

Two weeks down and two more to go on our fourth and final Road Trip, so stay tuned for more adventures as our travellers hit the third Baltic State next: Lithuania, where more awaits!


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