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Atlantic Route / Week 2

Another week, another country! With every day “better than the day before”, said Yldau, no doubt that Spain turned out to be exceptional.

When we last left our duo they were playing cross-border games between Portugal and Spain. Yldau and Fabian continued exploring the benefits of cross border collaboration in Vigo, where Spanish firefighters join forces with their Portuguese fellows to combat, and possibly prevent wild fires as part of the FireRS project.

From fire to water – our travellers got a lesson in how to recycle waste water! Yes, it smelled about as bad as you could imagine but waste water can become new water and can be reused after undergoing innovative treatments! Find out a bit more about their experience at the Run4Life project.

The Atlantic coast has held many pleasures already for Yldau and Fabian, and Burela was no exception. At Currimar they met up with three women who have brought the ancient art of fish canning back to life – and turned it into a successful business! Yldau proved to be so good at canning that she was offered to stay and work there!

The last stop of our travellers was in Santander, where they got to see and sense what the ocean can really do. With scientists at the Environmental Hydraulics Institute IH Cantabria, they studied the power of waves. But what better way to really understand a wave, than to ride one with a little surfing lesson?

Next up for our duo and the crew, a short hop over The Pyrenees to France! Stay tuned!

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