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A day of fishing in Tutrakan – no better place for it!

In Tutrakan, Bulgaria, Suzy went fishing, but their first attempt with a boat on the river had to be abandoned due to high winds! In the end, Susann joined the locals on the riverbank with Kenneth opting to stand back and watch. The catch was maybe a bit small, but never mind! It was very cute. And anywhere here is a fisherman’s dream, with plenty of carp, catfish, whitefish and more swimming by in the Danube. It made for a booming trade that exported fisheries products to culinary capitals like Paris and Vienna.


Tutrakan was also a major producer of boats, selling them to Serbia, Hungary, Austria and Romania, complementing the fishing industry that made the town famous – in fact, Tutrakan was the centre of fishing on the Danube – and the delicacies of the local cuisine and the municipal calendar’s many fish festivals reflect this to this day.

In the 1940s Tutrakan had up to 5 000 fishermen. Kenneth and Susann were shown around the quartier-turned-museum by Rumen Troskov, who works there as an animator. Because it was the only settlement of its kind along the Danube, and built in a very specific style, the complex is now celebrated as a cultural monument of national importance. The fishermen’s houses and boat builders’ workshops have been restored with EU funding, and you can do a virtual tour of them in the town’s virtual museum. Check out also the Danube Fishing and Boat Construction Museum and the ancient Roman fortress Transmariska!

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