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A cycling day trip upriver

Kenneth and Susann spent the day cycling along the famous EuroVelo route 6 which stretches across Europe from France’s Atlantic coast all the way to the Black Sea, covering 3 653 kilometres and ten countries.

The travellers were joined for the day by the travel enthusiast and photographer Dávid Félegyházi.

Eurovelo vertical

They started by taking the van upriver from Budapest to the scenic Danube Bend. It is so called because there the river, which has been running west to east, turns nearly 90 degrees to run north to south..

The travellers picked up rental bikes in Nagymaros, where they had a great view of the ruins of the Visegrád Castle on the other side of the river. They also passed by beaches where people were sunbathing!

From Vác they took the ferry to Tahitótfalu and cycled on to the charming artist town of Szentendre, a perfectly cute little baroque town with cobbled streets and plenty of art galleries, museums and restaurants. Susann and Kenneth absolutely loved it.

After lunch they took off again on their way towards Budapest. Approaching the tiny Lupa Island the winding bicycle path went through a kind of mangrove forest with a mystical appearance. It was interesting if a bit creepy! Finally the explorers cycled along the beautiful “Roman Beach”, the locals’ favourite leisure spot with plenty of open-air baths, bars and restaurants, and finished in style by relaxing at the Fellini Római kultúrbisztró.

It all made for a wonderful day! No wonder the EuroVelo 6 is one of the most popular routes for cycling in Europe, and indeed known to cycle tourists around the world.

EuroVelo is of course much more than just this route: if fact, there are 15 long-distance routes that traverse Europe, each with a different identity. They cover over 45,000 km of bike paths, and once the network is complete, it will total over 70,000 km. 

Connecting national and regional routes into a single European network gives the cycling paths an international status, which again helps to raise funds and political support for their continued construction and maintenance and for the promotion of cycling, that is, sustainable travel for everyone.

Choose a route and give it a go!

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