About this project

The Road Trip Project is a European travel experience that takes 8 individuals on 4 routes across the continent between Spring and Summer 2018.

From the Baltics to the westernmost point of Europe, the length of the Danube, around the Mediterranean and alongside the Atlantic, the Road Trip travellers meet locals and experience the local vibe, and rediscover Europe together with the online community.

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The Routes

The Danube Route

23 June - 21 July

  • Start point:
    Donaueschingen, Germany
  • End point:
    Danube Delta, Romania

The Baltic Route

28 July - 25 August

  • Start point:
    Rovaniemi, Finland
  • End point:
    Berlin, Germany


Team Atlantic

Say hello to Yldau, a 24 year old film academy student and hitchhiking fan from Amsterdam, and Fabian, a 25 year old vlog enthusiast originally from Ecuador living in Vilnius, Lithuania. Let them be your guide along this Atlantic journey!

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Set Sail to (re-) discover!

What inspired ancient navigators to set out on unknown waters? The call of new continents across the vast ocean. But no need to go so far with Europe right here worth rediscovering!

Follow our travellers from the most Western point of mainland Europe, Cabo da Roca near Lisbon, Portugal, all the way to Europe’s biggest port, Rotterdam, Netherlands, as they experience the power of waves, learn the craft of seafood production, explore great ports, and even fight fires.

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