About this project

The Road Trip Project is a European travel experience that takes 8 individuals on 4 routes across the continent between Spring and Summer 2018.

From the Baltics to the westernmost point of Europe, the length of the Danube, around the Mediterranean and alongside the Atlantic, the Road Trip travellers meet locals and experience the local vibe, and rediscover Europe together with the online community.

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The Routes

The Mediterranean Route

14 April - 12 May

  • Start point:
    Athens, Greece
  • End point:
    Lascaux, France

The Atlantic Route

19 May - 16 June

  • Start point:
    Cabo da Roca, Portugal
  • End point:
    Rotterdam, The Netherlands

The Danube Route

23 June - 21 July

  • Start point:
    Donaueschingen, Germany
  • End point:
    Danube Delta, Romania

The Baltic Route

28 July - 25 August

  • Start point:
    Rovaniemi, Finland
  • End point:
    Berlin, Germany


Team Mediterranean

Say hello to Luisa, our 26-year-old Berliner, music lover with a green heart, and Louis, our 21-year-old social worker by day, rapper by night, from Antwerp, Belgium. Let them be your guide through this journey along Mediterranean route!

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From Greece through the Western Balkans

We will be travelling through time and space, starting on the Acropolis, one of the most iconic cradles of our civilisation.


Along the route from Greece to the Western Balkans, we will be experiencing wildlife in remote areas, re- discovering old recipes, and exploring a mosaic of people, cultures and traditions. From there we will be hitting the coast of Croatia for a little Island hopping!

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