What’s up, Europe?

The Road Trip Project Season 2 is here! This year’s edition features 2 teams of 4 young travellers embarking on a lifetime adventure across Europe. Each team is made up of a video maker, a copywriter, a photographer and a presenter. They’ll cross 17 countries and dozens of regions, meeting and living like the locals!

They’ll get to see what European regions have to offer up close: from dancing at a sustainable electric music festival to hitting the stage at an opera house; from inspiring us in Europe’s first 100% carbon-free island to getting lost in a rock labyrinth; and from stargazing to helping make French cheese.

Get ready to be inspired!


Team Travelbugs' Route

29 August - 29 September 2019

  • Start point:
    Aland Island, Finland
  • End point:
    Canary Islands, Spain

Team Travelbugs starts in the Åland Islands and ends in the Canary Islands. As they make pit stops, they will take part in a pride parade in Finland, experience the carbon-free island in Samsø, bike in Via Rhôna, take to the stage at the opera in Liège and much more! 


Team Calma's Route

29 August - 29 September 2019

  • Start point:
    Dublin, Ireland
  • End point:
    Nicosia, Cyprus

Team Calma starts in Dublin and ends in Nicosia. Follow them as they will dance at the Electric Picnic Festival in Ireland, biking through Leipzig, getting lost in a rock labyrinth in Poland, and stargazing in Baia Mare, Romania and much more! 


About the Road Trip Project

The Road Trip Project is above all a human adventure: young travellers embark on a van for a journey across Europe. They meet locals and explore a variety of EU-supported projects and activities.

They share their experiences through videos, photos and blog posts on this hub and on social media platforms, exchanging tips on the road and triggering a Europe-wide conversation.

Their Road Trip stories form a wealth of inspiring information about Europe and what it has to offer. Following their journey is an irresistible invitation to hit the road and discover the regions that make Europe unique.

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